Phenibut is a unique compound that is helpful in providing feelings of calm and relaxation while also keeping high levels of mental stimulation. For the uninitiated, phenibut was developed for use my russian astronauts to help relieve anxiety and sharpen mental acuities. Phenibut interacts with a neurotransmitter called GABA and is regularly used as medication to treat nervousness, sleep disorders, tension, stress, exhaustion, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, alcoholism, and irregular heart-beat.

This is possible due to regulating the brain to have a lower response to signals from the Central Nervous-System. The interactions with GABA receptors and simultaneous dopamine release is what produces the effects of pain alleviation, social ease, leisure and drowsiness. In this specific article we are going to discuss the proper dosage for getting the most out of Phenibut.

One of the most useful reasons for using Phenibut is because different dosages can be used to achieve different effects. For example, a suggested dosage of Phenibut to achieve a mild disposition increase and sensation of calmness would be around 250 – 350 mg. This lower dosage provides a subtle effect that is great for curving nervousness or tension levels. A higher dose, between 500 – 750 mg, could be taken for increased sociability, but it also assists with maintaining great, healthy sleep throughout the night and help getting to sleep, especially when taken at night.

The halflife of Phenibut is around 5 hrs, in a dosage of 250 mg. This implies that after 5 hours, the chemical will have lost half of its potency in the body. However, when the body has metabolized over half of the dose, it truly is not likely to be felt by the person. So, at a dose of 250 mg you can expect to feel effects for around 5 – 6 hours. At higher doses the results might last for longer than this. Keep this in mind when considering redosing.

Whatever effects you are in search of, it is usually recommended to start with a lower dose to see how your body reacts before moving onto higher dosages. A tolerance effect can happen when too much of the drug is taken too quickly, meaning that that you will need more of the substance to achieve the same outcomes. This is one of the most frequent causes of overdoses in chemicals like even alcohol or benzodiazepines. In the event you feel like you aren’t achieving the same outcomes from your usual dosage please have a week or two off, as an alternative to simply increasing the dose.

Using phenibut in moderation and not using it every day, will keep your receptors fresh and help to avoid any tolerance issues. Becoming addicted to this compund can lead to withdrawal symptoms, hence the reason why phenibut dosage is so important. For a better understanding of this, consider reading this article (Phenibut Dosage – Nootropics Revealed)